Welcome back to the California Green Building Conference

(previously known as MyGBCE--and, my, how we’ve grown!)

Presented by the U.S. Green Building Council - California


As the largest and longest-running gathering of green building advocates in California, this event has evolved into a statewide sustainability experience! 


This year, we are extending our reach to cover the entirety of California, bringing together advocates and companies from across the state. Join us in uniting the entire region for a thorough exploration of green building and sustainability practices, addressing a wide range of topics and issues that resonate throughout California.


This event is open to everyone! Kickstart or elevate your journey in the sustainability field!


Don't miss out on this exciting blend of education, networking, and celebration. Secure your spot at the California Conference on Green Building and Sustainability Expo and be a catalyst for positive change!


By attending the California Conference, you're not just participating in an event; you're contributing to a sustainable future for California.


Indulge in delicious foods

catered by Good Heart!

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Unwind and relax at the conference lounge, courtesy of AllSteel!

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