Thank you for joining us at The California Green Building Conference last May 23rd!


Your energy and participation made the event our largest success yet.


We’ll be sending a follow-up email on Thursday, May 30th that will include:

  • Event Photos: We captured lots of great moments, and you’ll be able to check them out on our website next week.
  • CEUs Instructions: If you attended sessions for Continuing Education Units (CEUs), we’ll send you all the details on how to claim your credits.
  • Green Building Awards: We loved recognizing the awesome contributions to sustainable building practices. We’ll share info about the award recipients and their projects.


Thanks again for being a part of our community and for your commitment to green building practices. 

Can’t wait to stay in touch and see you at future events!


- Team USGBC California

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Our commitment to a community of networking and learning takes center stage with a revamped format, offering a fully immersive and interactive experience.

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by SoLA Impact

The Beehive is brought to you by SoLa Impact, is not just a venue but a symbol of their commitment to community support. This transformative project, comprising eight architecturally beautiful red-brick warehouses, is SoLa Impact's Opportunity Zone business campus—a unique initiative, only ten minutes south of downtown Los Angeles, fostering economic development for minority and female-owned businesses. Beyond real estate, SoLa Impact is dedicated to addressing homelessness and the housing crisis, aligning their work with pillars like Access to Housing, Education, Jobs, and Ownership. Join us in this vibrant community space, where social impact meets innovation!

The Beehive, 1000 E 60th St, Los Angeles, CA 90001

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You can mitigate the impact of your travel to the conference in seconds here. 

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