A Holistic Procurement Strategy for Effective Decarbonization Projects
Date & Time
Thursday, May 23, 2024, 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Mike O'Connell

While many jurisdictions and organizations require decarbonization, some face challenges in the implementation their plans due to funding shortfalls, misunderstanding of feasible solutions, or because of a focus on short-term projects without fully considering the impact on long term outcomes. This presentation navigates the landscape of building decarbonization, reviewing the interconnected and practical challenges of delivering true building decarbonization. In order to effectively transition to a fossil fuel free estate, the decision makers and facility managers need to understand the current state of “business as usual”, how to leverage funding/financing structures, and how to approach procurement of large-scale estate decarbonization. In this session, we’ll outline common challenges in technical, commercial, financial aspects of project development, and their interconnected complexities. Transitioning to potential solutions, we will envision procurement success and explore the components of an ideal package. Introducing the concept of a “system of systems,” we’ll conclude by discussing interconnected solutions that address the challenges and foster collaboration.

Session Type
Table Talk
Main Hall